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RARE  needs your help as stewards of the land. 
Respecting the Land
By keeping to the trails, keeping dogs on leash, picking-up your dog waste and taking it home, are just a few ways to steward this beautiful piece of property.
Getting Involved
When there is a call for volunteers to remove invasive species or plant native trees. Reporting fallen trees or other concerns taking action by contacting:
Tom Woodcock, Planning Ecologist
519-650-9336 x121

Edgewood Trails

The Eden Mills & District Community Club is pleased to showcase the trail information that forms an integral part of our community's life.  From time-to-time there will be a call for volunteers to do trail maintenance.

The residents of Eden Mills have walked the trails at the former Camp Edgewood for decades, and now a group of Eden Mills residents have ensured that this will continue for the entire in perpetuity!  When the group purchased the property in 2018 they had a clear vision for a large section of the property:

  1. To provide access to the trails to the community and future generations;

  2. To ensure that the lands remain protected and intact and in perpetuity;

  3. To select a land trust to implement our vision and work with us to ensure it is fulfilled. 


In April 2021, 38 acres, with trail access off of Park Street & River Glen Path transfers ownership through the Eco-Gift program to rare Charitable Research Reserve. Read more about rare's goals for the Eramosa River Conservation Corridor (download PDF)


The trail system existing at the property, including the main loop (red), and secondary trails (blue). Other trails will be allowed to naturalize. Red crosses indicate the trailhead locations.

Edgewood Trails Overview_Final.png
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