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The Eden Mills and District Community Club Inc., is the cornerstone of village activities.  The club is committed to keeping Eden Mills and the surrounding area a vibrant community and is a catalyst for a rich variety of social activities for all ages.

The club’s greatest asset and responsibility is the operation of the Eden Mills Community Hall. Built in 1916, the Hall is in the centre of the village. Volunteers, club and board members have maintained a budget balanced year-after-year with membership fees, hall rentals, events and fund-raisers. 

Eden Mills has a long tradition of philanthropy, volunteerism and community spirit that is exemplified in the many projects taken on to enhance the heart of village life. Over the years the community has worked together to update the Community Hall 

Some of our many achievements is the funding and installation of an elevator in 2002, supported in part by the Trillium Foundation and providing full accessibility for those who are physically disabled and most recently completing energy retro-fits: making the hall the first century building in Canada to be a net-zero building.



The club hosts many events at the hall for members and rents the space for special occasions such as weddings, showers, stag & doe's and family gatherings.  Local churches and other non-profit organizations rent the Hall at friendly rates. 

Eden Mills is special not only in its natural setting, but also in its long tradition of philanthropy, volunteerism and community spirit exemplified in projects which enhance the heart of village life.  Over the years the community has worked together to create an Edible Garden, maintain Edgewood Trails and put on the well-known Eden Mills Writers’ Festival; and it has set itself the remarkable goal of “Going Carbon Neutral.” 

Village History

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The village was founded in 1842 with the construction of the first of three mills. The mills owed their existence to the water power generated  by the Eramosa River, which splits into two branches at the village then flows on to join the Speed River in Guelph, and finally to the Grand, the great Canadian Heritage River.

During the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth century Eden Mills grew into an important centre of commerce. In addition to its three mills, it boasted an imposing three-storey general store, a hotel (both still standing), post office, black-smith, electric railway station, gas station and coffee shop. The passing of the importance of rivers for power led in turn to a by-passing of the village. The fortunate result is that much of its historical character and natural setting remain intact.  Sixth generation families still mingle with newer arrivals, passing on the local lore and traditions.

The Eden Mills archive listing is now on line.  Earlier in the year we donated a large amount of documents, pictures and artifacts to the Wellington County Archives.  They have now completed their work to sort, list and preserve these items.  Below are links they have provided to our collection, and to their overall archives.    You can search these listing on-line or visit the archives in person. 

A keyword search using “Eden Mills Community Club” in quotes will find the collection.
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