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Eden Mills & District Community Club

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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.  We were fortunate enough to have purchased a portion of the former Camp Edgewood and move into this lovely village before the end of 2020.  We launched Jones Family Greens several years ago, growing on other people’s land, so it is exciting to be breaking ground and beginning here in Eden Mills.  In keeping with our goal of helping people grow and eat great fresh food, we start our season off with a seedling sale.  We now have our website updated and running for pre-orders: www.jonesfamilygreens.ca/shop

  Jean Brown has been living on the edge of Eden Mills since 1975. Trained as a nurse and then as a couple and family therapist, Jean’s interest is in supporting the physical, mental and emotional  well  being of people who come seeking multiple aspects of personal growth. She can be reached at (519) 856-4084
  Douglas S. Black has proudly served the village of Rockwood and surrounding areas for 30 years, and acted as the Community Club’s lawyer for over 25 years. In July of 2016, Christopher Wood joined the firm and in October of 2016, Doug and Chris formed Black & Wood LLP. Doug is retiring at the end of 2017, and Chris will continue the firm as Black & Wood Law Office to serve the community and the Community Club.
Rory & Marie opened their B&B in the spring of 2013, when they found their rural paradise in Eden Mills, and felt a strong desire to share it with everyone! They are now entering their 4th year of operation, and loving it.  And that strange car in the driveway could be from a parent checking on their student at Guelph University or a couple attending an art class in the area, or maybe attending the Writer’s Festival. From anywhere in the world…here in the loveable village we call Eden Mills. Don’t tell anyone...Visit website


Stephen & Jessica Goyda are proud to operate Union Market Square in the village of Arkell where they also live and raise their three Children. Union Market Square is a quaint bistro where everything is made from scratch with a focus on local ingredients.  Enjoy a glass of wine or beer which is brewed in house.  Union Market Square also houses a country market featuring fresh meats, frozen meals & soups, preserves and scooped ice cream which are also sourced locally.  Saturday offers an all-day brunch menu.  Visit our website at www.unionmarketsquare.com


Business Card Ad

Web advertising for local businesses. One calendar year of a business card size ad posted on this page with a short description of what about yourself & your company. and a link to your web page. As well we post the business cards on our home page. 

Submit your payment, and a JPG file can be sent to the web master along with your write up.

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The Eden Mills & District Community Club, Inc   

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