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Eden Mills & District Community Club

Turtle Island Drumming

Alternate Tuesday evenings at the community hall. Bring your drum. (We suggest a minimum of $2.00 per person)

  • An open Heart, drum, shaker or music maker, songs
  • Water
  • Skirt/wrap for women to wear to honour the feminine energy
  • Something small to share (Food)

Group Leader Maya LaRose is a new addition to the community club, but many will have eaten something very delicious from her family’s bakery in Rockwood (Goodfellows Field to Fork Bakery).  Maya will be leading the drumming circle alternate Tuesdays at the community hall.  There is no fee for this on-going activity, however, donations to the hall are always welcome to heat the building and keep the lights on!

When we come together as one, we drum together as one heartbeat.
As individuals we are strong but when we come together as a community
we become what the shell represents, a home…

Upcoming events

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Maya’s Story

Three years ago I became an empty-nester and the painful reality that my life was about to change dramatically was making me very uneasy. I walked around the empty house asking myself “What am I going to do now?” I remember my son saying to me, “Mom, you’re asking the wrong question. What have you always wanted to do is the better question.” I thought about it and realized I always wanted to travel and go to India. It was in this moment I also realized there was nothing holding me back.

My journey began when I sold my house, donated all my belongings to the community and donated a year to Humanitarian work through India and Nepal. My life went from being a single mom, working two jobs to maintain the family to living a pilgrim life in which I continue to live through simplicity. This life changing experience has helped me identify my life purpose and most recently has defined the path and made it more clear.

I most recently stepped into my Elders role and have been encouraged by Spirit to open a drumming circle. Drumming has been part of my life for many years and has brought so much healing, clarity and provided a way to stay Spiritually connected whether a Fire Keeper in one community or holding monthly New Moon circles, my life is really about being in Service and trusting Spirit to show me the way.

I see Drumming as a community builder, a wonderful way to connect with one another. The Seven Grandfather teachings help us to better understand our role as well as our connection to All That Is around us. It is my honour to provide this event to the community in hope it will create a space to experience joy, laughter and love something we all need more in our life .

Chee Miigwetch- thank you
Dancing Wolf

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